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New Release Geneious Biologics Gives Deeper Insight into Big Data

SAN DIEGO, CA - Dec 11, 2017 - SAN DIEGO, CA - December 11, 2017 - Geneious Biologics, an enterprise software as a service (SaaS) solution used by companies engaged in commercial antibody screening and discovery, today released major new capability that will allow developers of biological drugs to analyze millions of raw antibody sequences in minutes, accelerating identification of therapeutic antibody candidates.

Announced today at the  Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Conference  in San Diego, CA, the latest Geneious Biologics release will drastically improve analysis of large-scale next-generation sequencing (NGS) datasets, giving scientists better understanding of the diversity and quality of antibody libraries and immune repertoires. 

“Geneious Biologics now has the power to analyze millions of NGS raw antibody sequences in minutes. The software lets users preview, annotate and compare NGS sequences with no manual intervention,” said Jannick Bendtsen, Vice President of Technology Services, Biomatters. 

“This is a big milestone for Geneious Biologics and a huge step forward on our development roadmap. High throughput antibody sequencing technologies are revolutionizing the biologic drug discovery industry. However, dealing with huge volumes of associated data remains a challenge. Geneious Biologics now offers a real solution,” said Dr Bendtsen. 

Geneious Biologics software applies intuitive visualization tools and advanced analytics capabilities to the identification of trends and relationships in massive NGS datasets, which have previously been difficult and time consuming to pinpoint.

Isogenica, a synthetic biology company that designs and builds diverse antibody libraries used by companies conducting antibody screening programs, validates the quality and consistency of its antibody NGS data with Geneious Biologics.

“Isogenica strives to provide licensees with the best possible synthetic antibody libraries - be it our llamdA™ camelid single domain antibody library or Alexandria™, our fully synthetic conventional human Fab library,” said Dr. Guy Hermans, CSO Isogenica Ltd, UK.

“Sanger and NGS sequencing play a critical part of the quality control of these Colibra™ built libraries, as well as in validating the results of selection campaigns. The computational power and intuitive interface of Biomatters’ Geneious desktop and now Geneious Biologics have significantly simplified our analyses of these vast datasets.” 

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About Biomatters
Biomatters ( ) empowers its customers with software that transforms biological data into knowledge and actionable insights. The company’s Geneious software suite is used by over 3,000 companies, universities, and institutes in more than 100 countries. Geneious Biologics integrates with Biomatters’ existing Geneious DNA analysis tools and leverages the company’s deep expertise in delivering solutions that meet customers’ real-life needs. 

About Isogenica
Isogenica licenses advanced synthetic antibody libraries and display technologies to enable its partners’ antibodies discovery activities. These libraries are available for license and screening partnerships, which together with its expertise in the screening of displayed peptide and scaffold libraries, can facilitate client’s biologics discovery needs.

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