WES and Ultra-Sensitive Liquid Biopsy NGS Assays for Oncology Diagnostics


November 17, 2021
11 am to 12 pm EST

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Webinar Description:
Genomic sequencing technology and applications advance at a rapid pace. Emerging technologies understood to be for exploratory or research use are making their way into routine clinical diagnostics. We’ll cover the following topics:

  • Trends seen at NeoGenomics in clinical trial testing will pave the way for future clinical diagnostic assays. We will discuss specific genomic assay trends we see emerging within the oncology diagnostic industry
  • Whole exome sequencing (NGS) was viewed as a lower cost but comprehensive method for genomic profiling. Conventionally viewed only as an exploratory assay, we discuss the future for WES in routine clinical diagnostics
  • Liquid biopsy promises less invasive more sensitive detection of mutations and tumors. NeoGenomics offers an ultrasensitive tumor bespoke approach to liquid biopsy detection assay called RaDaR (Residual Disease and Recurrence)

Learning Objectives:

  • Future role for WES in routine clinical diagnostics + tumor informed bespoke ultra-sensitive approach to liquid biopsy detection


James Yen, PhD
Associate Director, CDx Strategy, Pharma Services

Tim Forshew PhD
Co-founder and Head of Science and Innovation

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