• Henry Ford Health Offers Multi-Cancer Early Detection Blood Test, New At-Home Celiac Risk Gene Test, More

    Sep 29 | Diagnostics World News | An RNA-based diagnostic workflow for detecting mRNA expression of standard breast cancer biomarkers; an automated TB test for immunocompromised patients; a companion diagnostic for detecting genomic alterations; and more. More
  • Follow the Money: CDC Funds HIV Self-Testing Program, World’s First Acute Rheumatic Fever Diagnostic Test, More

    Sep 28 | Diagnostics World News | Funding for voice-based diagnostics, machine learning algorithms that detect and stratify pulmonary hypertension, immunohistochemistry cancer diagnostics, and more. More
  • Leading-Edge Approaches To Early Cancer Detection

    Sep 22 | Diagnostics World News | Emerging approaches to the early detection of cancer were highlighted during the recent Next Generation Dx Summit held in Washington, D.C. Representatives from diagnostics companies Oxomics, Elypta, Micronoma, and Rivela Diagnostics took turns making their case for a new generation of technologies hunting for elusive molecular signatures of a highly heterogenous group of diseases. More
  • Promise Of Liquid Biopsies Coming To Light

    Sep 21 | Diagnostics World News | Ongoing collaboration between the fields of immunotherapy and liquid biopsy has opened vast opportunities to improve the care of cancer patients, including the prevention of full-blown disease or relapse. It was also the focus of several talks at the recent Next Generation Dx Summit, including a keynote on the long-hoped-for promise of liquid biopsy approaches for diagnosing and treating solid tumors. More
  • The NIH Launches a $300M Funding Initiative for Next-Generation COVID-19 Diagnostics

    Sep 20 | Diagnostics World News | The National Institutes of Health (NIH) seeks to award up to $300 million to diagnostic test manufacturers for developing improved next-generation COVID-19 tests. The two main objectives will be to increase testing performance and accessibility. More
  • Mount Sinai Aims To Enroll One Million People In Genetic Sequencing Project

    Sep 15 | Diagnostics World News | The greater New York metropolitan area is the epicenter of an ambitious human genome sequencing research project newly launched by Mount Sinai Health System and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. If the vision is realized, Mount Sinai will enroll a million patients into a study over the next five years that will sequence and analyze the DNA in their blood to tease out the role of genetics and environment on health. More
  • IVDR Creating ‘Significant Challenges’ For Global Precision Medicine Trials

    Sep 13 | Diagnostics World News | The impact of Europe’s In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation on global trials for precision medicine was shared at the recent Next Generation Dx Summit held in Washington, DC. IVDR is finally coming into force and creating “significant challenges” for pharmaceutical companies sponsoring studies involving biomarker testing on EU patient samples. More
  • Collaboration Uncovers New Clues About What Triggers A Stroke

    Sep 07 | Diagnostics World News | Researchers at Tulane University and Ochsner Health have characterized carotid plaque taken from patients within days of a stroke, confirming that ruptures are associated with the thinning of the fibrous cap stabilizing the fatty deposits as well as suggesting that B cells play a bigger role than has previously been appreciated. More
  • Connecting Head and Heart: New Research Explores Links Between Cognitive and Vascular Health, Adds to Understanding of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

    Sep 06 | Diagnostics World | Recently published findings and emerging studies are taking a closer look at the relationship between cognitive and vascular health, adding to our collective understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the process. More
  • FDA Developing A Leakage Testing Tool For Microfluidic-Based Medical Devices

    Sep 01 | Diagnostics World News | The FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health is seeking to advance innovation in microfluidics-based medical devices with the development of a regulatory science tool for leakage testing. A growing number of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices use microfluidics technology and leakage testing has emerged as a nontrivial issue that can contribute to device failure. More
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