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Certara Introduces its Hasharc Decentralized Application for Healthcare at the Launch of Hedera Hashgraph Open Access

New Certara DApp provides transaction insights on Hedera network and supports data provenance for supply chain uses cases, improving transparency and disclosure for healthcare clients

PRINCETON, NJ - Sep 17, 2019 - Certara®, the global model-informed drug development and decision support leader, today announced the launch of Hasharc , its decentralized application (DApp) for healthcare, built in conjunction with the Hedera public Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Hasharc has been built on Certara’s OpenPharma™ technology platform.


The need for increased traceability and security in the life science industry is rapidly increasing, as evidenced by regulations including FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), along with several clinical trials transparency regulations. Certara’s OpenPharma is being leveraged to address these challenges, especially as they impact patient safety and privacy protections. Current examples include pharmacovigilance, compliant supply chain tracking, patient engagement in clinical trials, and the use of real-world evidence to inform the pharmaceutical life cycle.


The release of Hasharc coincided with Hedera’s own major milestone release of Open Access for the mainnet network and the introduction of the mirrornet. Hasharc leverages both the mainnet and the mirrornet and builds on other key technological advances of the Hedera platform as well.


Certara has been a Hedera user and partner since its infancy. “We are proud of our association and collaboration with Hedera,” said Jim Nasr, VP of Technology and Innovation, and Head of Certara’s OpenPharma innovation unit. “Hedera’s next-generation DLT moves beyond traditional blockchain, providing Certara with a real-time, public, scalable platform to address key clinical research, regulatory reporting, and supply chain challenges.”


"We're excited to see Certara be one of the very first implementations of a Hedera mirror node, to provide reporting and analytics for transactions on the Hedera network, particularly for healthcare and supply chain use cases," said Mance Harmon, Co-founder and CEO of Hedera. "We are committed to working alongside Certara on the pioneering work they're doing around OpenPharma, and realizing the potential of distributed technology for the healthcare industry to deliver improved outcomes and lower cost for patients."


Last year, Certara leveraged Hedera DLT to develop the OpenPharma proof of concept for tracking the generic drug supply chain in the US. Since then, Certara has continued to evolve its OpenPharma platform to support additional blockchain-based use cases, including: Blockchain-on-FHIR (accessing patient data through HL7 FHIR APIs in real time), real-time data anonymization and lay summary secure collaborations.


Continuing their partnership, Certara and Hedera will present a Fireside Chat on Trusted Data Collaboration with Distributed Ledgers , detailing how Certara will provide trust and transparency to the healthcare industry, at the Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) conference in London, UK on Oct. 1.


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